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After viewing the video to the right, the choice is yours.   The decisions you make now, with fitness and nutrition, will determine which side of the video is your future.

If you're tired of having no energy and not liking what you see in the mirror...  

Are you spending your valuable time in the gym, but still frustrated with what you see when you look in the mirror?

Are you spending your hard-earned money on exercise related items, and feel like you’re just throwing your money away?

Are you working out but not seeing the results you want?

Health care providers stated in a recent article that, "The most effective weight loss program includes 2 to 3 in-person meetings a  month that includes at least 150 minutes of fitness exercise a week for at least 6-months.  This should be combined with reducing your calories by 500 a day."


STOP spinning your wheels!  SAVE time and money!  …AND GET THE BODY THAT YOU WANT!!! 

Math tells us that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line…I tell you that the
quickest way to the body you want is a Personal Trainer!

Beyond 30 we begin to lose 5% of our muscle mass with every decade of life…this equates to a slower metabolism, which equates to both fat and weight gain.

BUT this doesn’t have to happen to YOU…

Resistance/Strength Training helps to build lean muscle mass…and more lean muscle mass equals more calories burned, and a leaner looking (toned) body.

I use a method of strength training that is scientifically proven to be the MOST effective, and efficient at melting fat off the body, and creating weight loss.

Train with me for just (2) sessions per week, do your “home work”,  eat well, and together we can transform your body to the one that you’ve dreamed of.

My sessions are affordable, convenient, and effective.

As your ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach, you will receive from me:
  • Initial FREE Consultation to design your fitness program
  • Customized, progressive workouts
  • Warm up
  • Cardio
  • Strength training
  • Stretching/Flexibility
  • Balance and core strengthening
  • Nutrition and supplementation coaching
Feel healthier, more confident, and sexy with Fit In Your Pants as your fitness coach.  Let today be the start of the rest of your life.

Contact me today for your initial FREE consultation to design your customized fitness program.

DeAnna T. Morrison, MSM
ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach
Licensed ~ Insured