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What Clients Say About DeAnna

"Working with DeAnna for the last few months has been amazing!  She continuously encourages me to push past my limits and become my best.  Not only can I FEEL a difference in the way my clothes fit, my fiancee can SEE a difference in the way my clothes fit!"  Kristin, Jacksonville

"I train with DeAnna because she relates to me and understands my goals.  She takes a comprehensive approach, incorporating my workouts and nutrition while always encouraging me in a positive way"  Kathi, Jacksonville

"Training with DeAnna throughout my pregnancy, made my recovery from delivery faster and easier"  Sam, Jacksonville

"My experience using DeAnna's Online Personal Trainer has been…wonderful, life-changing, motivating, fun, and encouraging.  I feel stronger and healthier every day.  She motivates and inspires me to continue to get healthy and fit.  For the first time, I am focused on my body, and not just the numbers.  What a difference!  The numbers come as I continue to do my workouts.  She is on my journey with me, giving me feedback, healthy eating tips, encouragement, and anything else I need along the way.  My journey will be a success largely due to her commitment and motivation"  Sharon, Tallahassee

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