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INTERESTED CLIENTS:  Read on to see our SPECIAL OFFER and click the link at the bottom to enter the Online Personal Trainer System.

Fit In Your Pants, LLC and DeAnna Morrison, ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach,  now have an Online Personal Trainer for the "busy lifestyle."  Whether you are a single mom, business traveler, live where you don't have access to DeAnna face-to-face, need a more "budget friendly" option for personal training, or just don't like going to the gym, you will now be able to workout in your own home or any hotel room.  With DeAnna's 24/7 workout app, you will enjoy the same accountability and discipline a face-2-face personal trainer brings.  Our new monthly subscription fitness program is affordable, effective, efficient, and uses mobile technology so your workouts and progress go where you go.  CLICK the video below to get a glimpse inside your Online Personal Trainer:

  • Monthly KEEPING IT HOT Workout
  • Customized, Progressive Workouts
  • Warm Up / Cool Down
  • Cardio "Prescription"
  • Strength Training
  • Stretching/Flexibility
  • Balance and Core Strengthening
  • Weekly Educational & Motivational Videos
  • Bi-Weekly Skype Coaching Call With DeAnna Morrison (up to 20 minutes)
  • Nutrition and Supplementation Guidance
  • Email Support
  • Mobile & Tablet App For On The Go Access
  • Online Calendar to Track Workouts
  • Online Tracking of Your Weight/Measurement Progress
  • Your Workouts Emailed to You
  • Affordable Monthly Investment
  • Minimal Equipment Needed
  • Donʼt Have to Drive to Gym
  • Can Workout When You Travel
  • No Baby Sitter Needed
Summer Get Your Sexy Back special:  Purchase one of Fit In Your Pants monthly workout program by May 10th and receive:
  • Fit In Your Pants "Get Your Sexy Back" T-Shirt
  • Fit In Your Pants Water Bottle
  • Exercise Band
  • 2- Sample Packs of Arbonne Protein Powder
  • 2- Sample Packs of Arbonne Energy Fizz
  • Fit In Your Pants Refrigerator Reminder Magnet
It's simple to get your sexy back, start reclaiming your health, and looking & feeling better.

It's important your health strategy includes continuing our monthly KEEPING IT HOT program.  It will bring you the discipline, accountability, and balance you need each and every day.

We look forward to serving as your personal trainer. 

CLICK HERE to go to the Fit In Your Pants Virtual Trainer and KEEP IT HOT!