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Monday, January 28, 2013

Supplement Is NOT A Four Letter Word

I'm going to start off by stating the obvious:  when you're over 40, things just don't work the same as they did when you were in your 20's...or even 30's.  It's harder to loose's harder to maintain a youthful's harder to build's just harder...  Notice that I did NOT say impossible...just harder...  I firmly believe that, for most people, after the BIG 4-0, we just need a little "help" a gentle a facial supplementation.  Yes, I just went there!

Today I want to write on a subject that is near and dear to my heart...nutritional supplements.  I realize that this is a very controversial topic within the fitness industry, so before you go and get all hot under the collar, let me clarify.  I'm not talking about the ones that professional athletes take...or the ones that promise you'll loose 10 pounds in 2 days...or the ones that make you bulk up like the Hulk...or the ones that are synthetic garbage (aka:  a chemical crap storm).  I'm talking about natural, NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTATION...simply, what we can do with what nature has given us to supplement what our diets are lacking, but our bodies need for optimum health and functioning.

Since my Dad has owned a Health Food store in Tucson, AZ for the last 30+ years (shout out to The Health Hut), I grew up understanding several important things:

(1) how to read a nutrition label,
(2) that if we put the things into our bodies that they need, they will respond by being healthier, and looking and feeling better,
(3) that God has already given us pretty much everything that we need to heal our bodies when they are sick or not performing at their peak,

(4) that it is necessary to supplement our diet, because our modern diet is sadly lacking in essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, and;
(5) just because we can add to our diet what we lack by not eating healthy, this does NOT give us a license to slowly kill our bodies by poisoning it to death with unhealthy food choices!

Everyone needs to do their own research to find what they feel will work for them, and then use what they feel is beneficial to their body.  I am NOT a proponent of:
  • any product(s) out there that make promises that are too good to be true,
  • any product(s) that tells you that you MUST use their product(s), and ONLY their product(s), to achieve whatever your desired results are,
  • any product(s) that puts more of an emphasis on signing other people up under you, than the actual health benefits of the product(s),
  • any product(s) that is marketed as the product(s) that will fix all of your unhealthy habits overnight,
  • any product(s) that is the "miracle" fix/cure to your weight loss/health woes.
  • any product(s) that has a nutritional label that looks like a science experiment (with the exception of the scientific names of vitamins...sometimes they look scary)
  • any product(s) that contains fillers and artificial colors/flavors/sweeteners
  • any product(s) that contains high fructose corn syrup/corn syrup
  • any product(s) that contains GMO products (corn and soy are the worst offenders)
  • any products(s) that contain known allergens/irritants (whey, lactose, gluten)
  • any product(s) that contain MSG or other chemical preservatives

Remember...if it seems too good to be true...IT IS!!!!  

The ONLY way you will "turn back the clock" and discover the "Fountain of Youth" is by making your pursuit of health and fitness a lifestyle.  Becoming healthy, loosing weight, finding your way to physical fitness is NOT a New Year's resolution, it is NOT something that happens overnight, it will NOT happen as the result of taking some magic potion, BUT it will happen...the old-fashioned way...with hard work and determination, making good, healthy choices day-after-day, sweating (everyday), driving past that fast food joint, and saying "No" to unhealthy habits, and "Yes" to the rest of your beautiful, healthy, fit life!  Be blessed!  Be well!  Be fit!

My next blog will get a little more in depth about what to look for when supplementing your diet.

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