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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What's The Definition of Insanity?

We all know the definition of insanity...repeatedly doing the same thing, but expecting different results.

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Did you start off the year by making a New Year's resolution to "get in shape"or "lose weight"?
  • How many diets have you already been on this year alone?
  • How many weeks have you promised yourself that you're going to "eat good" and exercise every day?
If you're like over 40% of Americans, you begin each year by making at least one New Year's resolution.  ...and, if you're like over 88% of those same fail at reaching your goal.  The vast majority of New Year's resolutions stem from lifestyle changes (eating healthy, exercising, getting in shape, quitting smoking, etc.)

If you're like over 45 million Americans, you've been on AT LEAST one diet this year, and have contributed to the over $33 million spent annually on the quest to lose weight and get in shape.  With 2/3's of the American adult population being overweight, the weight loss industry is booming, and raking in the cash as this growing group continues to try to find the "magic pill".

Sadly, and despite the growing girth of Americans, only 5% are actively pursuing ways to get moderate-to-vigerous bouts of exercise into their daily routines.  ...AND in a recent study, 90% (yes 90%) of Americans stated that they "eat healthy"!!!  Ok, we've got to be honest with ourselves here...if 90% of Americans were eating healthy, do you think that 2/3's of the adult population would be considered obese or overweight?

Here's where the insanity part comes in...EVERY SINGLE DAY someone tells me that they want to lose weight, get fit, eat healthy, yet those same people are unwilling to make an investment in their lives to take the necessary steps to bring the desired changes into place.  I hear excuse, after excuse, after excuse.  "Eating healthy is too expensive"...oh yeah...have you tried being ill because of the crap that you're filling your body with???  "I just don't have time for exercise"...really...but you have time for TV, and Facebook, and Candy Crush???  "I can't find it in my budget to afford a Personal Trainer"...hmmmmm...but you can find it in your budget to go through the drive-thru at McDonalds, order that Venti Cafe Mocha every morning, and keep buying new clothes because the one's you have no longer fit you!!!

Come on much is your health worth to you?

  • How much is it worth to you to be able to see your children grow up and have children of their own?  
  • How much is it worth to you to be able to play with your kids (or grandkids) and not be gasping for breath?  
  • How much is it worth to you to be able to look and feel amazing in your wedding dress, and see his eyes tear up at that first glance of his beautiful, fit bride walking down the isle? 
  • How much is it worth to you to be able to go to your class reunion and wear the SAME size that you wore in high school?  
  • How much is it worth to you to be able to feel confident and sexy in your bathing suit...or naked?  
  • How much is it worth to you to not have to sit on the sidelines of life, and watch it pass you by because you're too out of shape to be an active participant in your own life?
How long will you continue doing the same things that you've been doing...for lose weight and get in shape...with NO results?  What's it going to take to really motivate you...a heart attack...diabetes...a stroke...high blood pressure...cancer?  When will you decide that you're going to do whatever it matter the cost in time or money...BECAUSE YOUR LIFE IS WORTH IT?!?!

Here's my suggestion to you...IF, and only IF, you're sick and tired of spinning your wheels...wasting your time and money...and not getting the results you want:

(1) Clean out your pantry and refrigerator...if it's not in your house, you can't eat it.
(2) Restock your pantry and refrigerator with: lean, low-fat proteins, vegetables, and fruits.
(3) STOP eating fast foods...the drive thru is NOT your friend!
(4) Hire a Personal Trainer (at least for a month or two) to get you going in the right direction

***Don't read past this point if you're not interested in stopping the insanity***
This is NOT a sales pitch!  I don't care what Personal Trainer you find, but find one!  I train clients in-person - a package costs $490 for 10 sessions (in "Personal Training world" that's pretty inexpensive).  But, because so many people told me that they either couldn't afford that, lived too far away to train with me in person, travel too much to see a trainer on a regular basis, or would just rather exercise at home (for whatever reason), I created my Online Personal Trainer.  It's the same service that I provide in-person, except it's online (or via an app on your smart phone).  My online plan is 12 weeks, and costs LESS THAN $20 A WEEK (ummmm your drive-thru runs and lattes cost more than THAT...and where are they getting you?!?!)

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