Get Healthy

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Be Sneaky and EAT!!!

Let's talk about how you can sneak more activity into your busy day, and what a healthy snack looks like.  These are both topics that I, as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach, get a lot of questions about.  So here's what I tell my clients:


(1) It really is best to exercise in the   morning...for several reasons:
 -you get it out of the way before     life and excuses steal your opportunity to workout
 -your metabolism is burning at a higher rate ALL day long after a workout
 -you have more energy throughout your day
-it can actually help to regulate your appetite
-it improves sleep...yes you read that right (sometimes exercise at night can have the opposite effect)

(2) You can "sneak" in exercise throughout the day:

-park your car in the spot furthest away from your entrance
-take the steps instead of the elevator
-while watching TV, make commercials your "workout time"
-always have a packed gym bag in your car, so you have no excuses to skip your workout
-in airports, walk to your terminal instead of taking the train or people mover


Almost daily I get asked for suggestions for healthy snacks.  Here are some quick suggestions:

-a protein bar (my favorites are Luna Bars and Picky Bars)
-some hummus and vegi's
-greek yogurt and organic granola
-a hard boiled egg (I keep them peeled, and ready to eat in a baggie in my fridge)
-an apple and a cheese stick
-peanut butter and a banana
-a protein shake (my favorite is Arbonne vanilla with frozen fruit)
-almonds, raisins, and dark chocolate chips mixed together
-slice bananas, top with a small dab of Nutella, drizzle with dark chocolate and freeze
-Late July brand Sweet Potato chips with peanut butter or hummus
-cottage cheese with tomatoes and cucumbers
-watermelon and cantaloupe
-frozen blueberries or frozen grapes
-Terra Chips Sweets and Apples

I always tell my clients to eat a small snack on their way to meet me, and on their way home.  Why?  Eating before a workout not only helps your blood sugar to remain stable, but it will help your body to burn fat, rather than breaking down the hard-earned muscle that you're trying to build.  Eating after a workout will help your muscles to recover more quickly, and some studies indicate that it may help your muscles to not get as sore post workout.

You really can sneak more calorie burning activity easily into your day, AND you can snack healthier.  By doing both, you will be well on your way to creating the body that you've been working for...and your overall health will improve.

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