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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Being "Fit" is About So Much More Than Not Being Fat

Most women struggle their entire lives to love the beautiful body that they have.  This struggle starts in our early, pre-adolescent years.  We are barraged with pictures in magazines, of beautiful, thin women. Our perception of what is attractive...what is beautiful...what is desirable, is subconsciously handed to us by advertisers...selling their wares...selling us on the idea that what they have will make us happy...that what they have will make us desirable...that what they have will make us beautiful.  THIS MAKES ME MAD!!!!

I'm going to be completely with you here.  I've spent most of my life trying to be what magazines and TV told me that I should be, and trying to look like they told me I should look.  I've spend thousands of dollars on therapists.  I've spent way too many hours self-loathing.  I've spent countless days feeling insecure.  I've spent most of my life hating my own body.  ...and sadly, even today, as I write, I still struggle with all of these things...and I'm not alone!  Most of my girlfriends and female family members...most of my clients...most of the women that I come into contact with on a daily basis have the same struggles.

As a Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach, I ask myself, "When are we going to realize that our beauty...our happiness...our worth is not to be found in our appearance?"  You are SO much more than the size you wear!  You are SO much more than the number on the scale!  When are we going to realize that women's bodies are supposed to have sexy curves...and healthy, toned muscles?  ...we're NOT supposed to look like a 12 year old girl!!!  When are we going to realize that society's definition of "beauty" is skewed by what advertisers want you to buy, wear, think, and eat?

I train so many beautiful women, and they are beautiful, not because of the size they wear, but because of the soul within them.  They are mothers, wives, sisters, daughters...they are smart, funny, creative, kind...they are dedicated, hard-working, inspiring, and loyal.  They come to me, many of them, looking to lose weight so they can "look better", "feel sexy", "wear a smaller size", "be attractive to their husband", or "look pretty on their wedding day".  What I try to teach them, is that while I know how important those things are to them, their health and longevity are even more important.  But so often, their underlying desire is to be "skinny" ANY cost.

I'm here to tell you that "skinny", "thin", model-looking bodies aren't necessarily healthy bodies.  I'm here to tell you that your ultimate goal should be to be "fit", rather than to be "skinny".  We've all seen "skinny" people who are fighting a terminal illness...we've all seen "thin" people who are battling the demons of addiction...we've all seen "models" bodies that appear to be perfect, but don't often see the photo-shopping, the starvation, the extreme measures necessary to achieve that look.


My challenge to you is this:

  • If you are filling your body with junk food, and chemically processed towards eliminating those unhealthy foods, and replacing them with healthy, whole foods
  • If you are towards finding some form of exercise that will get your body moving, and keep you moving as you age (MOTION IS LOTION for your joints)
  • If you have any addictions, or harbor an unhealthy or hurtful professional help
  • If you have diseases that are a direct result of your weight, eating habits, and overall health...THEN FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!  This may sound harsh, but you WILL die a premature death if you continue to damage your body!

Remember that advertisers, who pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for the placement of their product, do NOT define NOT define NOT define health...YOU DO!  You define health how you CHOOSE to live, and by how you CHOOSE to treat your body!

If you need help to restore your health, and in getting your sexy back, I can help...I want to help.  If you are unable to train with me (or anyone else) in person, please take a look at my Online Personal Trainer.  It's a program that I am proud to offer!  For LESS THAN the weekly cost of your morning coffee...or your weekly fast-food purchases, you can be on your road to being HEALTHY and FIT. plan is LESS THAN $20 PER WEEK!!!  I will design a customized workout program for you, you will receive daily emails reminding you of your workout, we will talk via Skype once a week (to go over challenges, successes, modifications to your program, and to talk about your food choices), I will be progressing/changing up your workouts so your body doesn't have a chance to plateau, and you will have unlimited e-mail access to me.  Save the money you're spending on junk, and how about spending it to save your life instead???

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